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Excellent Edges Crocodile Left

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A 6" inch blade with 10 Radial teeth for left handers. Maybe the most misunderstood and amazing scissor in our range. Sometimes mistaken for being very aggressive because of its looks, it is actually one of the softest texturisers in our range. But beware, the Croc has a dark side, flipping the scissor turns it into an agressive beast ! Watch the videos for more info.
Model: EPSC610L

blunt point chip slicing texturising thinning Left Handed

Date Added: 16/09/2013 by Hamish Mackean
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Demonstrating texturising
First time I saw these I instantly wanted to try them, I love doing choppy messy hair cuts with a lot of texture. and these do exactly that. These are perfect for tapering as well .So when i want a nice clean taper with no scissor marks I pick these up and smash them into the ends of my taper and bam!. awesome result . since owning these I have hardly picked up my old texturizers. They take out as much or as little as you like and are a dream to work with . If your in the market for a scissor don't look past these if you do you will regret it.

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