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Excellent Edges Barracuda

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Regarded as the best texturiser on the market. A 6" blade with 30 unique barra radial teeth with long lead in prongs position the hair to be cut precisely guaranteeing maximum control and softness. A finger rest on each handle allows the cutter to choose whether the cutting blade or the toothed blade is stationary
Model: EPS6030

blunt point chip slicing texturising thinning Right Handed

Date Added: 11/03/2014 by leslie henshaw
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Demonstrating texturising
Absolutely flawless weight removal these scissors are the go to texturiser. They are well weighted and remove weight from the hair without leaving any marks I highly recommend these as an addition to anyones kit.

Date Added: 20/11/2012 by Matt Minol
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Demonstrating blunt cutting
The Barracuda is my go to texturiser. This scissor has never let me down. Feels so smooth whilst texturising hair. Great for all levels of hairdressing.
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Date Added: 14/09/2012 by Pete Walstab
5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!
Excellent Edges Barracuda EPS6030
Demonstrating texturising
The Excellent Edges Barracuda reviewed by Pete Walstab from Excellent Edges. The worlds best texturising scissor.

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